CycleConf 2017

CycleConf 2017

We are really excited to announce CycleConf 2017, a 3-day hackfest and conference, for JavaScript developers. Get your ticket here!

Learn about Cycle.js from some of the most talented JavaScript professionals and Cycle.js experts in the world. Join a team or hack freely during the conference in a unique 3-day experience.

Location and dates

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Key benefits

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We are organizing this conference to connect cyclists from around the world, for a time of tech talks and presentations, and making a space for focused contributions upon Cycle.js and its ecosystem.


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Nyborg Allen Consulting

Nyborg Allen Consulting is happy to support CycleConf, as Cycle.js is central to our business development and growth. Nyborg Allen Consulting is also supporting Cycle.js on OpenCollective with a monthly contribution to support the further development of Cycle.js, and we encourage others to do so as well.

We hope you have a great conference.


Jan van Brügge

Self-taught programmer, I make everything from Cycle.js web apps to satellite control software.

Speaks on: Property based testing in Cycle.js

How to explore mathematical properties in pieces of your code and how to use them to generate unit tests.

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Nick Johnstone

I am passionate about building tools to enable people to build better software and a better world. When not doing that, I enjoy skateboarding and music.

Speaks on: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Cycle.js

A story about my journey so far working in the Cycle.js community.

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Justin Woo

Justin is a failed material scientist who now spends his time writing JavaScript for work and Purescript/Haskell for fun. He now lives in Finland as a result of being Twitter friends with André.

Speaks on: Simpler Cycling with Megadrivers:

Writing cyclejs apps can be weird when you have to work with separate streams fed into drivers. This talk proposes one way to get both stronger typing and a simpler model for your cycle projects by combining them into a 'megadriver'.

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Aron Nyborg Allen

Aron is passionate about building digital interfaces. With an eye for aesthetics in design and engineering he has found a new home with Cycle.js

Speaks on: Multi-threading in Cycle.js.

The architecture of Cycle.js opens up for new utilizations of Web Workers. Aron will walk through his journey of running UI components in a Web Worker.

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Raquel Moss

Code, cats, feminism, and functional programming.

Speaks on: Organising your code in Cycle.js - An ex-librarian tries to put things in order.

In my quest to create a neatly-organised Cycle.js component, I tried several different ways of arranging my code. Let's look at each, discuss what I've learned, the benefits and the drawbacks, and how we might innovate in the future.

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Gleb Bahmutov

JavaScript ninja, image processing expert, software quality fanatic.

Speaks on: Web application quality beyond testing.

A successful web application should work. How do you deliver a single component or a complete application that never breaks; that is simple to understand and reuse? Let us discuss what the modern quality tools can do, and where they will go next.

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Thomas Belin

I am a pure function of Time

Speaks on: UI as Pure Functions of Time.

What if we considered Time as a fundamental input of our applications?

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Andre Staltz

I worked at Futurice and authored Cycle.js, and now open source is my main occupation.

Speaks on: The Past, Present, and Future of Cycle.js

Let's take a look at how Cycle.js was born, and how suggestions from the community were crucial to shape it and become what it is today. Then, let's see what possibilities we have for the next significant updates to the framework, and beyond.

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Like last year CycleConf won’t just be a place to learn from our amazing speakers. It will also be a place to build upon the ecosystem. After an open pitching session teams can form around ideas to build technologies over the weekend. Every team will have an opportunity to present their work Sunday. It might sound a bit intimidating, but it was a great success last year, even beginners had a great time in a learning and explorative atmosphere.

Lightning talks

During CycleConf every participant will have an opportunity to share something in a 5-minute format. You will be able to register your lightning talk during the conference.


Friday, 21/4  
13:00 Registration
14:00 Opening Keynote
15:00 Talks - Jan van Brügge & Nick Johnstone
17:00 Idea pitching and team forming
18:00 Dinner at venue
19:50 Common walk to Futurice office
20:00 Hacking at Futurice office
00:00 End of hacking
Saturday, 22/4  
10:00 Doors opening & One day pass registration
11:00 Talk - Thomas Belin
12:00 Lunch at venue
13:00 Talks - Raquel Moss & Justin Woo
15:00 Hacking
17:00 Common dinner
19:00 Talk - Gleb Bahmutov
20:00 Evening lightning talks
21:00 Socialising
Sunday, 23/4  
10:00 Doors opening & One day pass registration
11:00 Talk - Aron Nyborg Allen
12:00 Lunch at venue
13:00 Talk - André Staltz
14:00 Demo code from hacking
15:00 Thank you and goodbye!


Our venue for the conference is Melt Bar. This 1920’s style cocktail bar is located near the city center, which offers a wide variety of restaurants, bars and other services near by. For CycleConf, Melt Bar will offer a unique surrounding for a close community feeling. You can get there by metro taking any of the lines 17, 18, or 19 to Hötorget station.

CycleConf 2016

CycleConf 2016 was a great success and acted as the launch pad for the next major version of Cycle.js, click here to see the talks, and to read more about CycleConf 2016.

Code of Conduct

We want CycleConf to be a fun and fruitful event for everyone, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Harassment will not be tolerated at the conference. If you witness intolerable behavior during the conference, please get in touch with the organizers. We care. Be nice, welcoming, and respectful.