CycleConf 2018

17th – 19th of October


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CycleConf 2018

We are really excited to announce CycleConf 2018, a 3-day hackathon and nonference, for JavaScript developers.

This year we are doing a nonference. This means we will not have a speaker lineup prepared, but during the nonference there will be plenty of opportunity for the attendants to share their Cycle JS knowledge, insights, hopes, and aspirations. We hope creating an open space for sharing, combined with our traditional hackathon on the side will give every attendant unique insights that they can take home.

Learn about Cycle.js from some of the most talented JavaScript professionals and Cycle.js experts in the world. Join a team or hack freely during the nonference for a unique 3-day experience.

Members from the core development team will be attending, including the creator of Cycle JS André Staltz.

This year we are being hosted in a cosy cafe with a great event space that is perfect for our small and intimate nonference. Cafe Oha serves delicious breakfast and lunch. Attendants are encouraged to purchase additional items from the cafe, alternatively they may bring own food and drinks to stay refreshed and nourished.

During CycleConf 2018 there will be optional evening dining and social gatherings. For these events food and beverages are not included in the conference ticket.

Location and dates

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Key benefits

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Registration will open July 2nd 12:00 GMT+1 (London Time)


CycleConf won’t just be a place to listen to speakers. It will also be a place to build upon the ecosystem. After an open pitching session teams can form around ideas to build technologies over the weekend. Every team will have an opportunity to present their work Friday. It might sound a bit intimidating, but it was a great success last year, even beginners had a great time in a learning and explorative atmosphere.

This year we will also have a Tricycle track for Cycle JS beginners.


During CycleConf every participant will have an opportunity to share something related to Cycle JS. Talks are scheduled for Thursday. All conference-goers can give a talk of up to 15 minutes. If you would like to give a talk let us know by filling out this form.


Tuesday 16/10/2018

Wednesday 17/10/2018

Thursday 18/10/2018


* Food and drinks are not included in the ticket price.


Nyborg Allen Consulting hosting and organizing the event. We respect your data and privacy and will never give it to third parties. If you wish not to have photographs of you taken by the conference team during the event, please let us know and we will respect your decision. For any questions regarding the event, personal data, etc. please contact us


Our venue for the conference is Café Oha.

Below is Café Oha’s vision as stated on their website:

At OHA, our ethos is simple, we are passionate about serving healthy superfoods and beverages that not only taste amazing, but are actually good for your mind and body.

We ensure that everything that we serve are of the highest quality produce and where possible, is ethically and organically sourced.

Stop by to say hello, we would love to meet you! Whether you bring along a book, looking for a quiet moment or meeting up with a friend, we promise you a warm and cozy haven that will leave you wanting to come back for more!

CycleConf 2017

CycleConf 2017 was in beautiful Stockholm, click here to see the talks, and to read more about CycleConf 2017.

CycleConf 2016

CycleConf 2016 was a great success and acted as the launch pad for the next major version of Cycle.js, click here to see the talks, and to read more about CycleConf 2016.

Code of Conduct

We want CycleConf to be a fun and fruitful event for everyone, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Harassment will not be tolerated at the conference. If you witness intolerable behavior during the conference, please get in touch with the organizers. We care. Be nice, welcoming, and respectful.